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Sometimes lots of things happen all at once, and sometimes, nothing happens at all. Here is my mini blog: Everything I can write when I have a free minute.

Hitting the Road

Two years ago my mother passed away and it left a huge hole in my life. I did not want to make any rash decisions, so I took time to thoughtfully consider my next course in life. Endless possibilities stretched before me, so many if fact, I could not pick a direction.


After struggling with many doubts and fears, I have decided to follow the things I love, the American Southwest and Art. The mountains are calling to me. After visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico last year, I could not stop thinking about it.  I started investigating living in Santa Fe and the city was calling to me. Years ago, I lived in Flagstaff, Arizona and miss it everyday.


Though I do not know anyone in Santa Fe, the place is full of art and influenced by art. Art is the next big love of my life. Once I considered my love the southwest and my love of art, my compass was set.


The last year was all about wrapping up in Florida, selling my family home and wrapping up my classes. August 1, 2016 I hit the road and am relocating to New Mexico. Stay tuned for messages from the road.

A Love of Paper

All of my life I have loved paper. Paper of all kinds. I use it for writing letters. I draw on it. I use it in collages. I make sculptures out of it. I fold it. Tear it. And I have even made paper.


One day while cruising the internet for book arts sites, I came across a site called Sadly they no longer exist, but then they offered a catalog by mail and I sent for it. In a few weeks it arrived, not in an envelope but in a box.


I opened the box in anticipation. It contained a Vinyl three ring binder, white in color with a blue FF logo on the front and about three inches thick. When I opened the binder it was filled with pages that had little 1"x2" squares of sample papers glued to the pages. There were 6 samples per page with item numbers and available sizes under each sample.


The first section of the book displayed a collection of Japanese papers. The rice papers ranged from cream to white. They were soft and smooth and of different weights. The light weights were transparent, like tracing paper. The papers were heavier by degrees. The heaviest no longer transparent, but still not opaque. Next were the washi papers. These were fine cream colored and natural colored papers with flecks of colored mica pressed into the paper,but smooth enough to write on. The asamashi papers contained silk fibers. Asamashi is very thin but strong paper suitable for end-papers or even covering book-board when binding books. The next pages contained samples of oragmi papers. There were samples that had geometric designs and striking colors of red and black or black and yellow. There were samples that looked like they were cut from expensive kimonos. There were water color scenes of cherry trees and cranes. I touched each sample as I looked through the section. Sometimes I just stopped at a sample and enjoyed the details or color.


The book contained sections of textured papers. Papers with rough and peppled surfaces. Papers called moonrock and coral and chain, not for their colors, but for what the surface looked like. Batik papers that were awash in bright rainbow colors that run into each other. Deep rich greens, maroons, bright yellows, blues covered in crackles left from the wax. There were pages of lace papers that were as fine as any crocheted lace. Fine spider web like designs.


The catalog contained a trip around the world. Fine papers from Italy with peach colored flowers, delicate green leaves and touches of gold leaf. Papers from Thailand, thin tissue with colored fibers running through them. Papers from France with swirling marbled decorations on the surface. Crinkled papers from Bali with print designs of dancers, ancient symbols or gods. Papers from almost anywhere. Papers with limitless creative possibilities. Though Fantastic Folds is no longer in business, I still have that binder and occasionally meander through it reveling in the possibilites those papers represent.


You may ask, why is there an article about paper on a website about Zentangle®? My love of paper eventually lead to the discovery of zentangle. Amazon connected the dots for me and offered me book on zentangle based on my browsing history. One thing led to another, and I was smitten. Now I incorporate my love of paper and drawing patterns into my art. It's the best of both worlds


I am moving from South Florida. as of August 1,2016, I am moving to New Mexico. Stay tuned to see where I land and what is happening.

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